Take Action

What can I do?

  • Check Yourself 
    • We all as a society have a role in perpetuating the narrative that it is okay to be abusive, through our language, societal norms, and lack of awareness.
    • The way you speak can be normalizing abuse.
    • Jokes unless you were personally abused and are coping with humor are never okay. 
    • Letting your family or friends speak inappropriately is not being an ally, awareness is mostly about educating. Don’t be afraid to educate people.
    • Are you friends with an abuser? Are you friends with someone who has been accused of violence? 
    • Hold yourself accountable, most survivors never come out and if they do they are scared out of their minds. Survivors never lie about abuse. People may lie but would you rather protect a liar or an abuser
  • Social Media
    • While social media shouldn’t be the only way of activism, it is a good way to advocate and mobilize.
      • Make sure your platform is a safe space, especially if you use it to advocate or influence. 
        • Simple ways of doing this is by making a post asking people if you are in contact with an abuser stating they can name someone, remain anonymous, and not have to explain what their ties are to said person and you will remove them. 
        • Some other ways of making your platforms safe spaces is to make it clear that you donot condone any forms of gender violence.
      • Use your voice to advocate, the way movements happen is when not everyone affected by a situation come in and speak up. 
        • Men are also affected by gender violence. We need more men to step in and advocate. 
        • Share resources, your experiences, and your own call to action